<:> Deborah Fletcher Blum <:> Artist, Educator, Filmmaker <:>


I have created art since my early childhood days. From my first class at LACMA "back in the day" - to the neighborhood Brentwood Art Center - to Rhode Island School of Design...I loved studying ART!

I also have sold numerous paintings and collages and had shows and exhibits.



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With a love for kids and for teaching, I became a Waldorf teacher.  I trained at Waldorf Institute of Southern California in Northridge. And taught in New York and Kenya at Waldorf/Steiner Schools for years.

I encouraged kids ages 5 - 15 to be creative and express themselves through art and language.


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Our documentary - I'm co-directing and producing - with my talented husband, Warren Ira Blum - about Carl Laemmle and the Jewish refugees he brought over from Nazi Germany and what their stories were. We interview the families Carl saved and travel to Germany to film on location. Here we are in the Jewish museum of Buchau, Germany with Sandy Einstein, whose father was rescued by Carl Laemmle.


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