About Me

I am a former English teacher. I taught at Waldorf schools, in  LA Unified, and then became a private tutor to the communities of immigrant children and adults -wishing to improve their English - in my LA neighborhood.

I was awarded a Starr Fellowship from Brown University - for work I did when I took time off from college to teach high school drop-outs, and help prepare them for their GED Exams.

I received a  B.A. in English Literature from UCLA and was on the Dean's List.

But I also a bit wild - I love to travel and hike and horseback ride.

I make collages and garden and have two wonderful daughters. I lived in Africa - and taught there for three years with my older daughter.

Most of all I have always had a vivid imagination, and loved reading and hearing people's stories.

I attended a rustic boarding school called Midland in California's Santa Ynez Valley. And I was born in Germany to American-Jewish parents who were not in the military. My father was studying to get his advanced Law Degree so he could become a Law Professor in the U.S.My mother comes from the famous Laemmle film family...

But enough about me...tell me about yourself! What story do you have to tell, and how can I help you shape it?

You can read my articles on Jewish issues, women's issues and parenting at Forward.com