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This is my fantastic family-- we enjoy being together at Thanksgiving and all year 'round! My older daughter and her boyfriend (the two on the left) live in Brooklyn.

My younger daughter, my husband and I live in Los Angeles with a view of the Hollywood sign, and with the company of our dog, Sparky, and our guinea pig, Goldie.

I was born in Germany to Jewish-American academic parents, who instilled in me a love for reading at an early age. We lived in various college towns during my early years: Cambridge, Mass.; Seattle; Gainesville, Florida; and Westwood and Santa Monica, California.

I went to Jewish Day Schools, Santa Monica public schools and a boarding high school in the Santa Ynez Valley called Midland.

After college, I trained to be a Waldorf Teacher and taught at Waldorf Schools in New York, Kenya and the San Fernando Valley, California. I then became a private English and ESL tutor, and gradually transitioned to working with adult writers who were writing for children.

I love hiking, playing in the snow, swimming in the ocean, and gardening. I read a lot. I read so much as a kid that I once ran into a street lamp, and got a nasty bruise on my forehead. My teacher warned my parents not to let me read while I was walking on the street! I am not sure that I listened to them.

Next Steps...

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