• Community Scribe at Forward.com with articles on the Westboro Baptist Church demonstration at a Jewish High School in LA, and sexual assault in Israel.
  • An article about Carl Laemmle  - my relative who founded Universal Studios and saved Jews from Nazi Germany. http://www.tbala.org/about/humans-of-beth-am/articles/~post/deborah-blum-remembering-carl-laemmles-legacy-20161007
  • The Synopsis  - an article helpful to writers focusing on  how write a synopsis in  SCBWI's The Book: The Essential Guide to Publishing for Children, published annually since 2014.
  • The Runaway - an excerpt from a YA novel, Black Ace Journal, 2001
  • T is for Tree: A Teaching Story, Ngoma Steiner Journal, 1999.


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Editor and Story Consultant

I love tinkering with words and building images on the paper. I have a sense of story that comes from my love for novels, films, and plays.

I have helped many writers realize their dreams of success, publication and crafting works that endure and entertain.

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